Are you a small business owner or local service provider?
Would you like to have more customers calling or walking in your door?
Surprisingly, having a website may not help you get more business!

    • Do you have a website, but it’s not getting the traffic you were hoping for?
    • Do you feel that you need a website, but don’t want to pay for one?
    • Would you like more customers, but grow tired of paying for advertising?
    • Were you aware that people can write online reviews about your business that show up in search engine results… whether you have a website or not?!  
    • Do you want to market your business online but don’t know where to start?
    • Which is more important – to have a beautiful website OR for your business to be easily found online?

Many people are thinking… “If only I had a great looking website.”
I have news for you.  A great looking website is not the answer.
The internet and mobile communities have evolved in such a way that just because you have a website does not mean that it will be found.  It’s more important to be found.
But how can you be “found” if you don’t have a website?
That’s the question we’ll answer here at CastYourNet!

Having a website is only a piece of the online puzzle, not the whole picture (and no longer absolutely necessary). That’s one reason website designers have all the other add-on services to sell you - such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Directory Listings, Social Media services, Keyword research, and more… all of these are in addition to creating your website.  They know that a website alone will not attract much online traffic without the other services which enable it to be found easily in the search engines.

There are other things that you should do first (for free) before spending your money on a website. As you’ll discover here, there are many other things you can do, that will cost you nothing, to get your information in all the right places for people to see.

Learn how to “Cast Your Net” out into the internet effectively – increase and control your online identity and “findability!”

If you build a website first, and don’t cast your net, the website just sits there as no one knows about it. But when you cast your net first, you’re reaching out into the internet and drawing and attracting new customers back to you… even without a paid website!
You can always add on a website later, but take the time to cast your net first.  You might find that an actual paid website is not necessary.  After casting your net you may also be pleasantly surprised that your need for paid advertising will most likely decrease.

So, when people tell you that you need a website, they’re really telling you that your business information should be easily findable online – and we’ll show you how to do it !!

Please take a moment to read the Introduction before starting any of these projects.